Pro HCM™ Suite

Pro HCM™ Suite for Legal provides law firms with an end-to-end human capital management platform. HR Directors can seamlessly manage the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to performance goals management. It solves the following key challenges:

HR often struggles to respond to business needs
Pro HCM Suite for Legal brings all your employee data into one place, so you can easily provide the insight and reporting the business and clients require. With one version of the truth, assigning the right people to projects and tracking internal costs and billing clients becomes a much smoother process, even for projects with a global team structure.

Attracting and onboarding talent is time-consuming and prone to errors
Pro HCM Suite makes the entire process much easier. Vacancies are automatically populated your website, LinkedIn, job boards and universities. Automated workflows alert responsible parties of necessary actions to ensure new employees are up and running with minimal interruption or need for manual intervention.

Retaining talent and ensuring continual development
With Fulcrum GT's Pro HCM Suite for Legal, firms can set up rules and automatic workflows for training by role, current training level, and regional needs. The predefined goal library helps to set measurable, realistic goals and continually track progress. Managers have the insight to review performance and development as a part of a team.

Implementing Pro HCM Suite for Legal
At Fulcrum, we understand legal systems and processes. Our customer-centric approach helps us guide success and innovation for our clients. Pro HCM Suite for Legal is based on SAP SuccessFactors technology, with pre-built specific legal content, profiles, roles and data models so you get up and running quickly. Individual modules such as employee central are typically 8-12 weeks and implementing the full suite in 4-8 months.

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