Get new talent off to the best start possible with an onboarding tool meant to make everyone’s life easier – creating a better time to value for the employee and the organization.

Key Capabilities

  • Smart wizards for smooth experience
  • Digital, paper-free new hire administration
  • Onboarding, off-boarding and internal transitions
  • Signature management by Docusign™
  • Personalized and templatized onboarding paths
  • Create connections and introductions
  • Management dashboards for insight into key processes

Consistent, Engaging, and Convenient Onboarding

Onboarding in the digital age should be as simple assigning up for your favorite subscription service. Technology is shaping the employee experience more than ever and with the right tools, your firm can stand head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to the experience created from day one (or even before their first day).

  • Step-by-step onboarding plans and monitoring with configurable workflows and alerts
  • Electronic forms simplify the administrative process
  • Process support for internal and external parties
  • Define 30, 60, 90 day goals and integrate with Snap University Learning Management System to personalize training
  • Compliance with Tax laws in transfer locations
  • Match mentors, experts and employees to create connections
  • Task management

Related Functions

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