About Fulcrum GT

Our Company

Business operations should never get in the way of running a successful law firm. We have the tools and technologies you need to stand out from the crowd.

Welcome to Fulcrum GT

We help firms run at their best. We put leading-edge technology, tools, and people together to create strategic, measurable results.

We are SAP’s Go-To-Market Partner for enterprise-grade software systems for legal and professional services firms.


We are SAP’s Preferred Partner for laws firms and professional service companies, with over 26 Certified products.


With us, you have the support of over 900 legal and software experts around the world at your fingertips, with decades of experience.

When firms choose Fulcrum GT, they stick with us.

As a company of people with years of experience in both law and software, we’re dedicated to helping our clients work through their unique challenges.

We work with firms that don’t want the fanfare and ceremony that often comes with new technology and moving to cloud-based systems.

They would rather delight their clients. They are firms that want a culture of connection between them, their attorneys, and their staff.

We recognized that and made it the foundation of everything we do. We aim to be the platform that’s always fast and painless for firms to use.

B&B chose Fulcrum because of the level of trust we have with their leadership's vision forward. In today's age of constant digital evolution, it is the people behind the evolving technology, and their vision, that forms the enduring partnerships of the future.

Eric HunterCIO, Bradford & Barthel

A few other things our clients like about us:

Painless Deployment & User Support

From the first time you talk to us, all the way through deployment, and ongoing day-to-day after we’ve gone live, we handle everything and are always on-hand to provide support and assistance.

Fully Integrated With Reduced Overhead

Our services are designed around reducing, or even eliminating, your resource requirements. Your law firm is trying to grow and scale, so we do the work to stop your back-office operations from holding you back. Our services are also designed to work seamlessly with each other, so there’s never any question about whether all the parts of your business can work together.

Never Out-Of-Date

All of Fulcrum GT’s Snap series of tools are built using SAP S/4Hana ERP system. What does this mean? It means that our platform never needs to go through painful major upgrades or will need to reconsider your service agreement every few years. You can choose to stop partnering with us, of course. but it won’t be because the software stops working.