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Billing Management

Key Functionality

End-to-End Billing

Seamless digital workflows, intelligent rules engines, and best-practice business processes deliver robust and efficient billing functions. Whether on the go, working remotely, or in the office, tour easy to use interface will keep your billing process moving along effortlessly.

We all know that “time is money” and in the professional services industry time is literally money. From ingestion of time and costs, clean-up with built-in smart tools and stress-free collaboration, getting from service delivery to cash in the bank has never been easier.

Workflows for Modern Operations

Flawlessly route bills for digital mark-up or edits, approvals, and receive notifications when it’s your turn to take action so bills don’t get held up. Even if they do, there’s full visibility and a real-time audit trail to allow you to get things moving again.

Robust Rates Management

Clients’ pricing demands can be overwhelming, but your system shouldn’t stop you from accommodating their needs. With the strongest pricing engine in the market, your team will be able to use logic-based rates and pricing hierarchies to let the system take control and apply the appropriate rates.

Billing Highlights

  1. 01

    Complete visibility into billing processes

  2. 02

    Process standardization and automation

  3. 03

    Mobile enabled workflows and markup capabilities

  4. 04

    Rules and validations for accurate bills

  5. 05

    Flexible bill templates

Best-practice billing for the modern firm.

Whether utilizing a tablet to make real-time edits or comments, writing on hard-copy bills and taking a smartphone photo for upload so that team members can make the requested changes, or simply reviewing and approving from your mobile phone, we make billing easy and efficient. Digital, paperless and mobile bill review, editing, and approval are all built in as standard. Time is of the essence, so we get notifications to you however you work; in-system and on-screen, via email as well as mobile notifications.

We know you want to put your best foot forward, from the first interaction until your bill reaches the client. Some bills are a work of art, and some need to meet client-specific needs, but every bill is a representation of your brand. Whatever your clients’ needs, our flexible billing templates give you the ability to create, maintain, modify, and to get the bills out the door correctly, quickly, and with the personal touches.

Losing revenue because of lack of data continuity, manual errors, or the ability to enforce billing guidelines and standards is no longer an issue. Our system is smart enough to catch errors, make quick changes, and to ensure that your clients get what you promised them.

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