RAPIDx Legal Business Network

Redefining the legal supply chain from source to pay

RAPIDx provides a foundation for the future of legal spend management through a unique network of leading corporate legal departments and global legal service providers that eliminates intermediaries.

The Legal Tech game is changing - Can you keep up?

Fulcrum GT's innovative solution enables law firms and their clients to transact business in a manner consistent with other modern enterprise verticals through the delivery of a standardized and transparent approach to managing legal matters from intake and selection right through to final payment.

Gone are the days of law firms operating "as it has always been done". Corporate legal departments are driving change that is already shifting the dynamic of the entire legal landscape – from source and execution, right through to final payment. In this renaissance, transparency is king and firms will be evaluated not only based on their responses and proposed work, but also on their track records, client-provided ratings, alignment with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and much more. Expectations of collaboration, data quality, connectivity, and openness are all expected, no longer perceived as a "nice to have"

Solution Capabilities


Firms can run sourcing events through a digitized, standardized and qualitative / quantitatively enabled solution. Whether directly selecting, running a sourcing event (RFI / RFP) that is tailored to a select set of panel vendors, or with an open bid process for anyone on network, or transacting in new ways with panel firms for “bundled” subscriptions, and more.

Vendor Management

Manage vendors, matters, timekeepers, budgets and matter statuses all on one seamlessly integrated platform

Direct Payments

Accelerated review, approve and pay processes. Effectively connects vendors and clients without the need or necessity for multiple intermediaries (ebilling systems), fees, and more.

Key Benefits

  1. 01

    Transparent Collaboration

  2. 02

    Feature-Rich Commerce Engine

  3. 03

    Fine-grain Role-based Access Control

  4. 04

    Straight-through Transaction Processing

  5. 05

    API-Driven Architecture

Unparalleled User Experience

Get ahead, Stay Ahead

Built-In Capabilities



Having all your data in one place, leveraging world-class business processes, and running on industry-leading infrastructure enables your firm to maintain security at the highest level. Our platform and infrastructure provides comfort to some of world’s largest organizations, corporations, and national governments - security, compliance, and data privacy is at the core of our platform.

The core technology foundation of Fulcrum Snap meets numerous global regulatory standards including the requirements of BS 10012:2017, which are in accordance with GDPR.