Virtual Operations Deployment (VOD)

Enter time, then get paid – we’ll do everything in-between.

About VOD

The modernization of the professional services industry has encouraged, if not forced, firms to focus on what they do best: provide solutions to address their client’s needs. Managing technology landscapes and solutions, processing bills, managing eBilling statuses and rules, running conflict checks… all of these, while valuable, don’t need to be the responsibility of or a resource burden on, your organization. Here’s where we come in.

Our experts have processed over $3 Billion in invoices and eBills, tens of thousands of preliminary conflict checks, and worked closely with timekeepers and finance teams by acting as an extension of the business.

Deployable at various levels, VoD can be your “professional services firm in a box”, assisting with your transformation to a digital enterprise with little to no back-office overhead, or as a hybrid firm utilizing key services to effectively scale and support your business.


  1. 01

    Focus on delivery of solutions to clients, not "back office" processes

  2. 02

    Remove back-office burdens and management overhead

  3. 03

    Supplement existing teams to ease busy periods and reduce lock-up

  4. 04

    Decommission costly, disparate systems that need constant maintenance

  5. 05

    Re-allocate employees to focus on core competencies and reduce firm-wide change management

Billing Services

Our subject matter and functional experts become an extension of your billing department. Use them in any combination with your team, and incorporate them in your organization to operate smoothly, effectively, and efficiently.

Billing Services Capabilities

Draft bill creation

Bill corrections

Attorneys input and edits

Final bill creation

Sending of invoices to clients (if requested)

Ebilling Management

Ebilling can be tricky. Clients, client software, and client guidelines are becoming ever more stringent. Our experts have extensive experience working with eBilling tools, and they understand the ins-and-outs as well as the tricks to ensure that eBills are accepted and processed in a timely manner and to minimizing any potential loss.

E-Billing Management Capabilities

E-bill validations and review

E-bill submission

E-bill rejection and compliance review

E-bill correction and resubmission

Active monitoring and status updates

White Glove Billing

For when great isn’t quite good enough, let’s dial it up to 11. Our VoD White Glove Billing group handles everything that our billing team does but gets deployed like a SWAT team for high attention, quick turnaround, and specialty invoices for key clients.

Conflicts and Intake

The Fulcrum Conflicts Assurance Support Team provides operational execution of key new business intake and conflict checking activities ranging from data and party uploads, preliminary conflict party and interest checks, to conflicts clearance, quick checks and more. Whether an extension of your organization when you need short-term additional support, or longer-term additions to your team, our experts embed themselves into your process and organization to provide immediate and lasting value.

Conflicts and Intake Capabilities

Data and party entry

Preliminary conflict checks

Quality control checks

D&B/BVD corporate tree and beneficial ownership searching

Workflow integration with conflicts and intake team

Business Process Optimization

Optimization services to make your business more efficient, your operations more profitable, and your peace of mind complete. Our business process optimization offerings include not only billing and collections but also bank reconciliations, accounts payable, and other financial processes: everything is made much simpler, reducing the routine demands on your valuable time.


Financial reporting, management reporting, financial statement preparation, and more.

Accounts Payable

Our AP Services follow industry best practices to manage and maintain visibility of available free credits, payable days, purchase order mandates, and accounts payable efficiency.

G/L & Journals

We adhere to GAAP and other applicable accounting standards and ensure that the results delivered to your business are accurate and meet the required timeline on a cash, accrual, and modified cash basis.

How VOD can be deployed